Stock Assistant


Job Summary

Aldi is currently offering Stock Assistant position for qualified individuals who are willing to work Contract at their office in Alnwick NE66 Be sure to check job specifications carefully before proceeding.

Job Title: Stock Assistant
Company Name: Aldi
Job Location: Alnwick NE66
Job Type: Contract
Job Category: Aldi
Job Link Expiry: 2023-04-15
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Job Details:

It feels brilliant to be part of a business that does things its own way and achieves fantastic results while doing so.

That’s how you’ll feel as a Stock Assistant with Aldi.

It’s a really fast paced environment, so there’s certainly no risk of getting bored. And everyone here understands exactly what needs to happen to make their store a success – and gets on with doing it. But the team is fairly small, so if you’re not contributing it will soon show.

Time will fly by as you work hard to keep stock losses to a minimum, help out with inventory counting, check off deliveries and ensure the shelves are fully stocked with attractive, well presented products. And, of course, you’ll provide excellent customer service at all times by attending to customer needs in a prompt and friendly way.

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